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Competitive Distancing Vol 2 No. 1 - You Say You Want a REVOLUTION?

I personally know at least a half dozen people who are looking to get on of those "10 million" new green jobs. Use the tools in Think Like a CEO to distance yourself from all of your competitors in order to go get that dream job of yours! To go get that job, click here.


Competitive Distancing Vol 1 No. 1 - What IS Competitive Distancing?

The way to position yourself to win your deal is by differentiating yourself from your competition at the very first meeting. It doesn't matter whether that is in person or over the phone. To start presenting yourself as a professional and putting distance between you and your competition, click here.


Competitive Distancing Vol 1 No. 2- Welcome to the Hotel Competition

Do you sell to non publicly traded companies? First of all, realize that everything is a commodity these days. That means you have to add value to your prospect through the sales cycle. Click on this link to find out how.



Competitive Distancing Vol 1 No. 3 - How to Stay Number One in the "Sales Guy Fantasy League"

The traditional way of presenting your value proposition is in an Excel Spreadsheet, adding up individual value buckets. Think of this as the wooden-baseball-bat value proposition example. Click on this link for the composite-metal-baseball-bat value proposition.


Competitive Distancing Vol 1 No. 4 - They Shoot Salespeople, Don't They?

It's tough out there now. Learn some specifics that you can put in your sales bag to build pipeline and close deals - in today's marketplace! Put some bullets in your sales gun, and remember, he who has the pistol keeps the pesos! Click on this link to find out how.


Still unsure about what Competitive Distancing is? You won't be after you watch this video:

Of course, if you think that "a horse is a horse" or "a sales book is a sales book," watch the video below, and then ask yourself the question, "Which horse would I rather be?"


Flow Publishing will be releasing Think Like a CEO in an audio book format in early 2009. Beto Lefevre, a rock star in his native Brasil, wrote and performed the theme music for this audio book with a song appropriately titled, "Catch Me." To catch it, click here.

f you have any ideas for future newsletters, subjects,questions on specific accounts, or how to approach a sales situation, drop Mark a line at


If you are reading this, you are very fortunate...

...and so am I. I hit the jackpot by being born in the USA, and although I didn't realize it at the time, growing up poor taught me that hard work equals steak, and little or no work equals bologna. I had loving and supporting parents who challenged me the be the best that I could be, and to go out and make my own luck. 

The launch of Think Like a CEO has been nothing short of phenomenal. After launching in December, the sales of the book have exceeded the publishers projections, and the readers of the book have already emailed me with over $6 million dollars of incremental sales that they generated using the ideas outlined in the book. WOW!

In order to repay some of this good fortune, I will donate $1,000 to an organization called that is a micro bank to small entrepreneurs throughout the world. Here's how it works. Lenders give money to Kiva, who then gives it to a local partner that is responsible for providing the loan, collecting the repayment - at 0% interest - and providing business updates. Access to this capital helps these entrepreneurs grow out of poverty and better themselves, their families, and their world. I will provide updates on this website as to the entrepreneurs that we are helping.

It is only through the help of each and every person who purchased Think Like a CEO that I am able to do this, so I want to offer my personal thanks to the readers of Think Like a CEO. 

Now everyone can enjoy some steak.






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flash photo gallery templates
flash photo gallery templates
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