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D Stands for Differentiation…Or Darwin!

I use the following rhetorical question a lot in planning out sales strategies with my team. Let’s take two of the most fearsome creatures that God has created, each with some incredibly unique features. A grizzly bear, and an alligator. … Read More

From Lost in a Factory to a Book Tour to an App for Everyone

I felt like the guy in Catch Me if You Can. You know, the guy who pretends to be an airplane pilot, a doctor, and a lawyer. I was doing a paid factory assessment and was supposed to be telling … Read More

Supercharge Your Wall Street Journal Experience

I started reading the WSJ when I was in B-School. I made the time to read it no matter how many urgent matters pressed. I’ve tried to keep that habit going – although these day’s it’s over the morning coffee, … Read More

Develop Your Brand

Whenever I think about branding, the story that always resonated with me was the branding story of none other than Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan began as a folk singer. In fact, he was quickly anointed the leader of the folk … Read More

How the Top Universities Use Business Apps to Teach Business

As an adjunct professor of a top B-School, one of my personal goals is to give my students tools that they can use throughout their careers. I have absolutely no interest in having them learn to regurgitate on a test … Read More

Understanding Profit Strategies

The Profit Strategies section of Think Like a CEO App uses a proprietary set of complex algorithms that provide an immediate way to differentiate yourself and your company against your competition. This section helps you understand your prospect’s position and … Read More