Develop Your Brand

Whenever I think about branding, the story that always resonated with me was the branding story of none other than Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan began as a folk singer. In fact, he was quickly anointed the leader of the folk scene. In the words of Joan Baez, he “burst on the scene already a legend.” Some actually thought of him as a “prophet.” Everyone awaited his new albums with baited breath, as intellectuals debated the meanings of his moving songs. The troubadour with his guitar and harmonica.

What Dylan realized was that the world was changing around him, with bands like the Rolling Stones and the Beatles beginning to tap the youth with their sound. So Bob Dylan, to quote his own words, “threw it all away.” He rebranded himself electric. He came out with an album recorded with a band and traded his Martin acoustic guitar for a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. Crowds bood him. They actually called him Judas. He only came out with what Rolling Stone Magazine called the greatest song in the history of rock and roll, Like a Rolling Stone.

The result of Dylan’s rebranding is that today his albums still hit the top of the charts upon their release, winning several Grammy Awards as recently as 2007, and of course, winning the Nobel Prize for Literature. His contemporaries at the time have faded into the realms of music history. Like Dylan, every salesperson needs a personal brand.

The need for a brand was one of the reasons that I began writing the book that would, upon its release, provide me with that personal brand. I did not start doing things differently once I published the book, but the book simply began to provide a consistent message for the way that I approached sales cycles. I was the “Think Like a CEO guy.” I used Think Like a CEO methodologies. Whenever anyone wanted help in strategizing a deal, they wanted to figure out the Think Like a CEO messaging. My brand. Think Like a CEO.

With Think Like a CEO App, you can now use that brand for yourself. A professional salesperson who is able to quickly and concisely summarize a company utilizing a compelling C-Level message. That’s you! Always having your executives prepared when they help you in your sales cycle. Maybe most importantly, you are the technology salesperson who is calling high, and on the LOB executives.

If Think Like a CEO App helps you develop your brand, please use the feedback mechanism and let us know. Good luck out there and rock on!

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