Supercharge Your Wall Street Journal Experience

I started reading the WSJ when I was in B-School. I made the time to read it no matter how many urgent matters pressed. I’ve tried to keep that habit going – although these day’s it’s over the morning coffee, or more often than not, after dinner.

Since I’ve been reading it with the Think Like a CEO App nearby, it is amazing how much more I get out of the articles. Is the story about a unique strategy Company XYZ has executed? Within seconds take a look at the results of said strategy, and draw your own conclusions as to it’s value. Did it drive revenues compared to their competitors? What does the annual report say about said strategy? Who is the company competing with? What do the competitors say about their strategies? Have the competitors really been outperformed?

If you read an interesting article and take a few moments to hit up the company in Think Like a CEO App, it may provide you with ideas that you can use in your work, in your industry.

Is the article referencing a senior executive? Hit up the company’s Proxy Statement and take a look at the executive, their background, the other boards they serve on. How does the company strategy align with the executives incentive plan? While you are there, for this company, what is the executive incentive plan focusing their efforts on?

For senior business leaders who have to stay up on their industry to the current MBA student absorbing everything about business they can, Think Like a CEO App drives even more value from your daily dose of business & finance that you get in your chosen periodical or journal.

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