Think Like a CEO App is Packed With Features

Within seconds, you can deliver a concise, compelling, C-Level message to increase your buyer's interest.

After all, you are solving their problems with your solutions.

Built for iPhone and iPad

Think Like a CEO App is built for superior performance on both iPhone and iPad. Using the app on your iPhone gives you the ultimate mobility, but it is so beautiful on the iPad, it makes an excellent tool for collaborating with your customers!

Find Your Prospect

Approximately 9000 public companies across the globe are available in Think Like a CEO App. Add your prospective customer using the company search feature.

Choose Competitors

Most companies have pre-loaded competitors defined, but new ones can alway be added. When choosing competitors, we default to displaying companies competing in the same industry as your prospective client. Not only does this offer the best analysis, it helps you quickly get up to speed on the industry.

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Review Profit Strategies

Immediately after choosing competitors, the Think Like a CEO Intelligence Engine uses its proprietary algorithms to determine your prospect's Profit Strategies, consolidating a complex situation and/or strategy into everyday language that is easy to communicate. Think Like a CEO App explains this strategy to you, provides hot links allowing you to dive deeper, and provides numerous Line of Business questions for you to ask.

Explore Graphs

Financial data is displayed in multi-color graphs for the key areas of the business. Take a look at each section, enter notes about things to discuss, and collaborate with anyone on your team.

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Company Profile

All of the key information you need about your potential customer is summarized in one page. Need to know when the best time to work on budgeting with them is? Need their annual report with hot links? Need to see the latest news? It’s all here.

Research Your Prospect

In seconds, look at the LinkedIn profiles of the company's executives, review their latest annual and quarterly reports, and read all of the latest news about them.

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Develop and Collaborate on Sales Strategy

Capture and collaborate with your sales team on sales strategy, items you want to research further, issues you want to discuss with your team, or any other comment you might have about the sale. Find something interesting in your analysis? Share it with the World Class Collaboration built into Think Like a CEO App.

Collaborate With Your Prospect

You both want to drive the deal to closure. Collaborate with your buyer using the 40+ sequence of events that are out of the box, or write your own. Then with the push of a button email the plan back to your prospect, or to anyone. Your customer will appreciate it – and so will your executives.

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Share Your Experience

Provide feedback, good or bad, to our team right from the app. If you really love the value that Think Like a CEO App provides and want to share it with your friends and colleagues, we will pay you to recommend it!

Learn the Language of Business

Think Like a CEO App includes 40+ 3-8 minute eLearning videos discussing the Think Like a CEO Business Strategy, Sales Concepts, and How to Use Think Like a CEO App. Self service is the name of the game with Think Like a CEO App!

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