How the Top Universities Use Business Apps to Teach Business

As an adjunct professor of a top B-School, one of my personal goals is to give my students tools that they can use throughout their careers. I have absolutely no interest in having them learn to regurgitate on a test and then never use the concepts. I am not educating…I’m providing tools.

Think Like a CEO App, one of the most innovative and top tools on the market for enterprise technology and consulting sales, provides B-Schools a unique and effective way to teach tangible tools to their students. Let’s look at a sample course plan…

For the first class or two, you have the students understand the concept of financial statements, and have them do some simple calculations such as year over growth, margins, etc. Then you get into the meat by teaching them the importance of the key concepts that the C-Suite is interested in: Revenue, Productivity, Operations, & Cash. Imagine being able to teach these concepts by showing your students easy-to-use and understand graphs, with decisions to make as to whether the trend is a good trend or a bad trend. The collaboration feature allows you to pose questions during their analysis, to which they can respond quickly and efficiently, another key concept in business. Sharing this analysis throughout their teams also drives collaboration and understanding of the concepts.

Once the students grasp these concepts, you can teach how they impact one another. With the Think Like a CEO App, something as esoteric as the Cash Conversion Cycle can be demonstrated in seconds, and understood in minutes.

Now let’s get to the value added – what these metrics mean to businesses. With the ability to apply these concepts to approximately 9,000 organizations around the world, your students will learn to develop a methodology of understanding companies based on multiple data points. Finally, later in the semester, you can make the Profit Strategies section of the tool available, and they can check their analysis against the proprietary algorithms in the Think Like a CEO App.

To top it off, this is all taught and done on a mobile device!

To understand more about how Think Like a CEO App can benefit your B-School, drop us a line.

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